Ugly Bargain: How the European Union and Bulgaria's Post-Communist Oligarchy Fit Together

The Red Aristocracy of the communist regime that formally ruled Bulgaria from 1944 until 1989 has skillfully managed to transform itself into an even more privileged, wealthy, and powerful, and privileged post-communist oligarchy.

Despite its aversion to democracy, human rights and freedoms, and the rule of law, it was precisely this “ruling elite” which has led Bulgaria to become a member of the European Union (as well as NATO).

Why would a ruthless post-communist oligarchy seek, or at least acquiesce, to the EU membership of the country it reigns over?

Why would the European Union agree to take in a country with seemingly deficient rule of law, mighty organized crime, and robust high-level corruption?

Each one of those has had its reasons for striking an informal Ugly Bargain with the other side, and this book provides the answers why.

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